About us - Our technology studio is formed by three interdisciplinary partners spanning strategy, design, and technology.

We expand as necessary, acting as an integral part of your business rather than just a contracted resource.

softhaus started as a side-project / agency more than 10 years ago to cater to the development needs of a few local businesses. Since then, we’ve grown into a full-service technology studio, working with clients around the world.

Our studio embodies a dynamic blend of scale. At its heart, we have a dedicated team of four, bolstered by an on-demand crew of 5-10 lovely people assisting with daily tasks, individual projects, and direct client relations. Some of them are directly embedded into client teams.

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attention to detail.

What keeps us going - We take great pride in our capacity to deliver top-tier results for any client, regardless of their size, stage of growth, or industry orientation.

These are the foundations of our culture. We strongly believe that being humane is the key to success.

  • Transparency. We cherish transparency, facilitating an unhindered exchange of knowledge, building confidence, and cultivating a space where honesty flourishes.
  • Move Fast & Break Fast. We value efficiency, swiftly responding to changes and challenges, always staying ahead to meet and exceed our clients' expectations.
  • Compassion. We practice empathy, understanding the needs of our clients, our team, and our community, and acting with kindness and respect.


  • Raul Perțe

    Senior Partner

  • Adrian Perțe


  • Andrei Mureșan


Fresh off the press

We don't regularly publish articles, but when we do, they might be worth reading. You can expect updates for WeatherKit and other softhaus products, as well as design and software engineering articles.

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Is 2023 the Time to Fully Switch to SwiftUI?

As SwiftUI matures and continues to disrupt the app development landscape, developers are asking the key question: Is it time to fully embrace SwiftUI? This article explores the pros and cons of this pivotal decision.

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